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Toranomon Hills, ARK Hills, Atago Green Hills, Motoazabu Hills and Roppongi Hills are all located in Minato-ku.
HILLS SPA, a members-only spa & fitness club, operates in these buildings.
These places provide busy users with physical and mental health and ultimate activeness and relaxation to help them maintain the health and beauty.
In addition to saunas, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, Aesthetic salons, gyms, massage facilities and many other features, HILLS SPA also has dining room to support your health and beauty from within.
HILLS SPA employs its own chefs who prepares meals by lavishly using seasonal ingredients: They will warm your heart while nurturing your body.
In terms of space, HILLS SPA strives for ultimate relaxation that is suitable for executives working in central Tokyo.
Top artists working in modern architecture with unique characteristics design spaces that are relaxing both physically and mentally. This is akin to an urban sanctuary where you can almost forget your hectic everyday life.

Active Immerse yourself in a workout.

A gym with the latest equipment, swimming pool, golf simulator and other facilities help to adapt your workout to your mood, physical condition and purpose. By grappling with yourself physically, you will be refreshed mentally after your workout and will be filled with the energy you need to go about your hectic everyday life.

  • Gym
  • Golf
  • Pool
  • GroupClass

Relax So relaxing that you can even forget the passage of time

A beauty salon, massage facility, nail care, Jacuzzi and meals by a dedicated chef... HILLS SPA offers more than relaxation to support beauty and health. The superb space and service help you to feel so relaxed that you even forget the passage of time and also relieve your physical and mental stress. You will be replenished with strength and beauty from within.

  • Dining
  • Nail
  • Massage
  • Jacuzzi
  • AestheticSalon

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