HILLS SPA Dining offers a full menu of meals prepared using safe, quality ingredients. From breakfast to full dinners, HILLS SPA Dining serves every meal of the day. Come to HILLS SPA Dining when you want to enjoy cuisine that will also make your body happy.

The unique attention to detail of HILLS SPA

A restaurant you’ll never tire of no matter how often you come

HILLS SPA Dining is designed to be a place where all of our members can enjoy themselves. HILLS SPA Dining serves a wide array of foods, including Western-style dishes as well as both Japanese and Chinese cuisine. We are particularly focused on nutritional balance, seasonality, color, and making everyday meals a delight for our members.

A focus on safe, high quality ingredients

We procure our ingredients in accordance with the discerning tastes and expertise of our dedicated chefs, including organic vegetables; seafood shipped straight from the port; the choicest meats, dairy, and eggs; and natural seasonings.

A private dining atmosphere

HILLS SPA Dining is a private space where you can dine at your own pace. You’ll feel perfectly comfortable coming here to relax alone, but it’s also the perfect place when you want to have a long conversation with a treasured friend or loved one. As a members-only club, our staff know you and your tastes, enabling a truly special kind of hospitality.

HILLS SPA Supervisory Chef

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(Weekdays 9:30-18:00)